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Take a look at our Conex Machine Shops. These self-contained field machining containers are ready to be shipped to your site at a moment’s notice. Each one can be customized and equipped to support drilling, milling, pipe cutting and beveling, as well as many of our other field machining services. The variety of operations the Conex supports allows equipment to be maintained in the field, minimizing machinist downtime and maximizing productivity in the field.

Line Boring
Mactech has the ability to line bore and reface equipment in the field from a single set up. Our standard bars range from 1 ¾” to 10” diameters and lengths up to 24’. We have an extensive inventory including our newest addition, the 2 ¼” BB2250.

Flange Facing
Our flange refacing capabilities cover from 1” flanges to surfaces up to 20 foot in diameter, with close tolerances achieved in the field. ID and OD mount configurations are available.

Pipe Cutting
We offer a wide range of size and quantity. We can cut 1” to 60” and all tooling and weld prep geometries are self designed and ground. Our low clearance line is light and fits in tight situations while still being very strong. Our machines are extremely rigid, accurate and precise with quick setup and great versatility. Many tasks can be performed such as sever, sever/bevel, counterbore, and single point flange facing.

Shaft Repair
Mactech offers a range of end mount and mid shaft machines. In place machining of shaft surfaces to close tolerances with split frame drive units allows repair in difficult access areas.

Offered are a variety of milling tools and services including for motor bases and other rotating equipment as well as platens, presses and similar applications. Equipment is capable of large surface area machining to fitting in very tight quarters. Custom modifications and setups are always welcome. We carry various sizes and configurations with extensive fixtures and capacity.

Drilling applications from large stud removal to magnetic based smaller needs. Models range from MT 30 Rack Drill to powerful hydraulic 24” HD Mills.

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