The compact and robust design of the 40 inch articulating diamond wire saw creates an ideal cutting environment, reducing setup, installation, and removal time saving operators and contractors time and money.

These unique articulating diamond wire saws are designed for below-the-mudline (or low clearance cuts), allowing for deepwater cutting and maintenance. These specific saw are ideal for cutting multi-string applications or heavy wall legs and cross members in the decommissioning industry, utilizing the existing diamond wire technology in a new way to perform cuts from a vertical orientation.

Cutting Capacity Operating Dimensions Shipping Dimensions Operating Weight Shipping Weight
22 to 40 inches 60 x 107 x 86 inches 60 x 107 x 86 inches 2400 lbs. 2550 lbs.
559 to 1016 mm 1524 x 2718 x 2184 mm 1524 x 2718 x 2184 mm 1089 kg 1157 kg

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Diamond Wire Saws Catalog Diamond Wire Saws Catalog Diamond Wire Saw Catalog

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