Make your pipe cutting operations easier and faster with our Clamshell Portable Lathes, also well known in the industry as a split frame cutter. The low clearance design requires only 7 inches of axial clearance and as little as 6 inches radial clearance. The rigid design assures precise and high-quality cuts. Clamshells are available to cut pipe or casing from 2 to 110 inches diameter and are capable of cutting any wall thickness or material. Wellhead prep is made fast and easy with our sever/bevel feature. Versatile and adaptable, the clamshell portable lathe can carry out a variety of cutting operations.

The adaptability of our popular Clamshell Portable Lathe allows many accessories to be used for cutting, drilling, facing and milling. Our Roto-Mill accessory mounts easily to the Clamshell and quickly severs casings, even when in compression. Our Hole Saw attachment is capable of running holes saws up to 8 inches and swivels to align with the inner casing.

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