Offshore Cutting Equipment Inquiries

All of our products and tools are available for rent, sale, or hire. Mactech’s reputation for top-quality equipment, short lead-time, quick response, and results-oriented solutions are among the many reasons the company is the world’s foremost provider for major industries worldwide.

Benefits of Renting Include:

  • Cost effective - less capital intensive than a purchase
  • Well maintained rental fleet
  • Test equipment before you make a purchase

Clamshell Portable Lathe (Split Frame Cutter)

Make your pipe cutting operations easier and faster with our Clamshell Portable Lathes.

Conex Machine Shop

Mactech’s self-contained machine shop is ready to be shipped to your site at a moment’s notice.

Diamond Wire Saw - Articulating

Ideal for cutting multi-string applications or heavy wall legs and cross members.

Diamond Wire Saw - Cutoff

Compact and portable, our Cutoff saws work in areas where larger saws can’t reach.

Diamond Wire Saw - Inline

Our inline series of saws has the largest operating range, and are easily customized to adapt to your specific project needs.

Diamond Wire Saw - ROV

Designed to address economical efficiencies and advantages while focusing on personnel and environmental safety when cutting equipment for deep-water abandonment operations

Dual Magnet Drill

The Dual Magnet Drill is capable of drilling the largest holes in casing. The precision slide and bracket assembly provides an extremely rigid platform for the most demanding drilling jobs.

Dual Pin Drill

This easy-to-operate portable drill features opposing drills to cut down on drilling time.

Gantry Mill

Mill large openings in submerged decks or crew quarters for rigging or access holes.

ID Milling Machine

Reliably cuts casing, pilings and other round, hollow tube from the inside diameter.

Portable Rack Drill

The powerful and versatile Portable Rack Drill is an easy-to-use drill for subsea and topside applications.

Rail Mill

Adaptable to almost any size job, the Rail Mill is one of the most versatile portable mills on the market.

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