Unsurpassed commitment to servicing your industry

Mactech Offshore utilizes Mactech Inc's 30+ years of field service and custom tool design, by bringing innovative and productive cutting solutions to the offshore market.

Why choose Mactech?

  • We integrate hands on experience into every phase of the process
  • We understand the field situation and offer a “Solution” approach to your industry application
  • We offer unsurpassed commitment to service and customer satisfaction

Case Study: Cognac Conductor Removal

Mactech performed the drilling and pinning portion of the slot recovery, as well as cutting the conductor into sections, as it was pulled out of the of the slot. The sections were cut into manageable sections, so the facilities crane could lift and lay down the section.

Case Study: ID Milling Machine

In an effort to minimize hydro acoustic noise impact and dive times for an efficient and safe pile cutting procedure, a leading company hired Mactech to produce the best internal cutting solution.

Case Study: Steel Pile Removal – Broadway Bridge Piles

The project entailed building the spans of a new bridge on steel piles that were driven into the river bottom. Once the new spans were finished, the old bridge was demolished and the new spans were loaded on a barge, floated to the new bridge footing and lifted on to the new footings.