Offshore Oil and Gas

Mactech Offshore designs, develops and manufactures products utilized in the maintenance, repair, upkeep and decommissioning activities of the offshore oil and gas industry. Our products are specifically designed for operation in a subsea and potentially hazardous environment.

Platform Decommissioning

Mactech Offshore offers a variety of cutting subsea cutting tools for use when an offshore platform is damaged or at the end of its useful life. Platform decommissioning requires coordination of the best personnel and equipment in the world and Mactech Offshore always has the solution.

Platform Machining

Mactech Offshore can assist with both onsite machining as well as subsea machining. We offer a wide variety of machinery and equipment that supports the activities associated with the scheduled or unscheduled maintenance of offshore platforms.

Conductor Removal

Mactech offers Slot Recovery for your oil wells so new wells can be drilled. Mactech uses a Diamond Wire Saw to cut the conductor off so that the conductor can be recovered and a whipstock can be installed.

Underwater Cutting

When it comes to complicated underwater machining and cutting in offshore and subsea applications, there are far too many companies who lack the experience and expertise necessary to quickly solve problems and perform tasks in a manner that is both safe and cost effective.

Wellhead Services

Mactech Offshore provides a variety of machinery for subsea and topside wellhead services. From our versatile split-frame cutter to our functional caisson cutters, we have the right equipment for your next job.