When it comes to complicated underwater machining and cutting in offshore and subsea applications, there are far too many companies who lack the experience and expertise necessary to quickly solve problems and perform tasks in a manner that is both safe and cost effective.

That’s where Mactech Offshore comes in. For more than 35 years, Mactech has been a driving force behind the subsea tools and techniques used by most underwater machining companies. But cutting-edge technology is not what sets Mactech apart, because anyone can buy a fancy tool. What makes them the best underwater machining company in the world is the knowledge and skills, built over hundreds of cumulative years of experience, to apply that technology. Many companies have the necessary tools for subsea cutting, but Mactech designs and manufactures those tools. The technicians they will send to your job site are not hired subcontractors, they are the very same personnel who build, maintain and operate those tools on a daily basis.

Underwater Machining Tools Include:

  • Articulating Diamond Wire Saw
  • Inline Diamond Wire Saw
  • Split Frame Cutter
  • Underwater Drills
  • Internal Pipe Sever Machine
  • Travel Roto Cutter
  • Rail Mill

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