Project Description

Mactech Offshore and Mactech Australia were approached by the customer for a custom solution to a project many years in the making. The project consisted of the removal of an old trestle and conveyor system used to move coal from a shore-based processing facility to ships for transport to global customers. The trestle was replaced with a new larger conveyor system.

Mactech’s Role in the Project

Mactech engineered, manufactured, and delivered a DWS (Diamond Wire Saw) that could cut piles either plumb (vertical) or batter (raked), ranging from 16” – 48” in diameter. The batters were on a 2.5:1 or 3.5:1 ratio. The cuts needed to be parallel with the seabed, even on raked piles and had to be made within 500mm of the seabed. The saw had to be deployable by crane only and operable without diver or ROV assistance.

Mactech shipped a complete package consisting of an HPU, Hose Reel, Control Panel, and Umbilical as well as the saw and an underwater camera system with monitor. On-site training and project support were provided to get the customer up and running.

Mactech’s Value Added to the Project

Our team was able to supply and support the entire bespoke equipment package as well as offer onsite training and support. Mactech Offshore and Mactech Australia representatives met with the facility owner early in project stages to build confidence and develop the relationship.

Alternative Methods to Mactech’s Solution

Shears were considered, for quicker cutting, but ruled out due to their heavy weight and difficult handling.


The customer has remained very satisfied for over a year since delivery and operations and continues to return to Mactech for diamond wire supply and Mactech Australia with cutting application inquiries.

Factors Complicating the Job

  • No diver
  • No ROV
  • Crane Deployment
  • Cutting batter piles parallel with seafloor
  • Cutting within 500mm of the seafloor without disturbing seafloor or needing excavation