Patent No: US 8,651,098 B2

Ideal for cutting multi-string applications or heavy wall legs and cross members. The vertical stance means it can easily fit in coffer dams or excavations with minimal dredging, where other saws can’t fit. The articulating design requires only 2 feet of clearance around the casing. This saw is ideal for conductor removal.

Articulating Diamond Wire Saw: Footprint is less than half the area of competitive saws

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Product Capabilities Download Link
Diamond Wire Saw Catalog Diamond Wire Saw Overview Diamond Wire Saw Overview Presentation R3.1
DWS-40a-AF-SS Cutting Capacity Ø 22” - Ø 40” 960-0011 DWS-40a-AF-SS Spec Sheet R1.1
DWS-60a-SS Cutting Capacity Ø 26” - Ø 60” 960-0012 DWS-60a-SS Spec Sheet R1.1

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