Our inline series of saws has the largest operating range, and are easily customized to adapt to your specific project needs. Our design helps to reduce setup, installation, cutting and removal time, and the small footprint saves deck space.

Our largest cutting range and most versatile design to suit most applications.

Cutting range of 14” to 120”
8 models available
ROV compatible options
Standard automatic feed

Download Spec Sheets

Product Capabilities Download Link
Diamond Wire Saw Catalog Diamond Wire Saw Overview Diamond Wire Saw Overview Presentation R3.1
DWS-30i-AF-SS Cutting Capacity Ø 14” - Ø 30” 960-0006 DWS-30i-AF-SS Spec Sheet R1.1
DWS-48i-AF-SS Cutting Capacity Ø 20” - Ø 48” 960-0007 DWS-48i-AF-SS Spec Sheet R1.1
DWS-60i-AF-SS Cutting Capacity Ø 26” - Ø 60” 960-0008 DWS-60i-AF-SS Spec Sheet R1.1
DWS-84i-AF-SS Cutting Capacity Ø 36” - Ø 84” 960-0009 DWS-84i-AF-SS Spec Sheet R1.1
DWS-102i-AF-SS Cutting Capacity Ø 48” - Ø 102” 960-0010 DWS-102i-AF-SS Spec Sheet R1.1
DWS-120i-AF-SS Cutting Capacity Ø 48” - Ø 120” 960-0027 DWS-120i-AF-SS Spec Sheet R1.1
DWS-120i-AF-SS Cutting Capacity Ø 84” - Ø 120” 960-0028 DWS-120i-AF-SS wClamp Spec Sheet R1.1
DWS-48i-ROV-SS Cutting Capacity Ø 20” - Ø 48” 960-0017 DWS-48i-ROV-SS Spec Sheet R1.1

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