The 6 Steps For Executing a Successful Project From Start to Finish

With over forty-five years of experience in the field machining industry, we created these six steps to ensure a successful project execution from start to finish.

1. Define the Scope of the Project Clearly

Details create the big picture and are vital for creating a successful plan.

2. Create a Best Value Plan For the Project Completion

Value derives from Safety, Time, and Budget.

3. Communicate and Confirm the Recommendation

Recommendation is based on scope of work that is mutually understood by both Mactech and Customer.

4. Schedule and Coordinate All Required Resources

Managing time and expectations of both Mactech and Customer

5. Execute the Plan and Be Ready to Adapt with Open Communication Through Completion

Chain of communication allows for efficiency and effectiveness

6. Continuous Improvement

Analyze major components of each project and compare to original estimate and recommendation. Document findings and archive.