The Articulating Diamond Wire Saw has recently emerged as the game changer in the subsea cutting world. Mactech has recently received patent-approval status for our articulating wire saw system our engineers designed for subsea and topside cutting.

The 60 inch articulating diamond wire saw utilizes an articulating cutting arm for minimal clearance during cuts where other setups may not be able to fit or operate. Needing only 2 feet of clearance around the object being cut and having the cut set at the bottom of the saw, there is no need for extra dredging. Adjustable guide arms clamp around the piles and the diamond wire runs through a series of pulleys on the unit. This design reduces setup, installation and removal times, as the guiding arms can be closed loosely around the piles to guide the saw down to cutting level before clamping on. This can also increase safety on the job as we are able to minimize the need for divers in the water.

Cutting Capacity Operating Dimensions Shipping Dimensions Operating Weight Shipping Weight
26 to 60 inches 102 x 109 x 128 inches 98 x 109 x 97 inches 3200 lbs. 3200 lbs.
660 to 1524 mm 2591 x 2769 x 3251 mm 2489 x 2769 x 2464 mm 1451 kg 1451 kg

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Diamond Wire Saws Catalog Diamond Wire Saws Catalog Mactech-Offshore-Diamond-Wire-Saws-Catalog

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