For more than 35 years, Mactech Offshore has been a driving force behind the tools used by most underwater machining companies. Our built-to-last underwater cutting equipment has been proven effective in several situations and applications, from cutting heavy, concrete structures to beveling and cold-cutting subsea pipes.

Although many other companies have the tools required for undersea cutting, the fact of the matter is that Mactech manufactures those tools. Fortunately, we don’t simply build market-leading machinery – we have skilled and experienced technicians on staff (not hired subcontractors) who will apply, maintain and repair that technology.

Overwhelmed by the selection of underwater cutting equipment on the market? Our in-demand inventory includes the following tools.

Split Frame Cutter

When it comes to cold-cutting and beveling pipes, regardless of size, our split frame cutter is the tool for you. This versatile, low-maintenance underwater cutting tool can quickly sever pipes with an outside diameter ranging anywhere from 2” to 60”.

Internal Pipe Sever Machine

Eliminate external dredging or digging with our internal pipe sever machine, a machine specially designed for cutting below the mudline. Its strengths lie with cutting pilings, casings and other hollow, round tubes from the inside diameter.

Articulating Diamond Wire Saw

Our articulating diamond wire saw is best at cutting cross members, multi-string applications or heavy wall legs. Its vertical stance and slim profile make it compact, allowing it to easily venture into tight spaces that other saws could never touch.

Inline Diamond Wire Saw

Choose our inline diamond wire saw for the largest operating range with the smallest footprint. The design can be customized, with minimal time for setup, cutting and removal. It’s a high-performance machine with low-maintenance needs!

Travel Roto Cutter

Our versatile travel roto cutter can be used on nearly any length or diameter. It can cut plating or deck on flat surfaces, and out-of-round vessels or casings. It is a perfect platform for carrying some of our most popular tools, like the Roto-Mill.

End-to-End Underwater Cutting Solutions

If your platform is damaged on the sea floor, it’s important to address the issue using products and personnel that have been tried and tested. That’s why Mactech’s underwater cutting solutions should be your first choice; our team of specialty technicians can help you to setup, install and remove our products properly.

Don’t jeopardize the safety or effectiveness of your subsea project. Contact a Mactech Offshore specialty technician at 1-337-839-2793 or [email protected] to get started on your underwater cutting solution.

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